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Use of IR Information

The IR information included in this Web site is intended to provide information about the financial condition and business performance of Gendai Agency Inc. (“the Company”), but the Company make no representation or warranty with respect to the content of this website.

The information included on this Web site does not constitute a solicitation to purchase any securities.
Investors are asked to make their own investment decisions and assume full responsibility the decisions made.

Information Included on the Web Site

We have exercised great care with regard to the information on this Web site. However, we assume no responsibility for errors in the data, alteration of data by third parties, errors that may arise from downloading, or for any other reason.

Forward-looking Statements

This Web site contains forward-looking statements about the company's earnings. These statements involve risks and uncertainties, and are not meant as a guarantee of future earnings. We ask for your understanding that changes in the business environment may cause actual results to differ significantly from these statements.

Operation of this Website

The operation of this Web site may, without prior notice, cease or be interrupted, or the content may be changed. In some instances, normal use of this Web site may not be possible due to the communications environment, the conditions of the user's computer, or for other reasons. We assume no responsibility for any difficulties, losses or damages arising from such circumstances.